The renewed attention to visual-led communication might be harshly questioned, specifically in reference to its premises and analytical modalities. Arguably, even verbal literacy is engaged visually, and wider notions of ‘image’ continue to consistently impact and shape the whole of our personal and social sensorial experience.

Concurrently, diplomacy has been mostly explored as a social science and a practice centred on the noun (diplomacy) rather than its accompanying adjectives (public, cultural, informal…and so on). Overall, what these diverse fields of interventions all share is the referral quality of the practice itself: clearly, there is no diplomacy without an act of communication.

Bridging my 20+ years of photojournalism with my academic research on multicultural communication, I have evinced my analytical framework of The Image As Storytelling. Upon that, I’m specifically crafting research and production of political communication upon my revised rationale of ‘strategic diplomacy.’




The first diplomatic records point to the Ararna letters exchange from the XIV century BC. Since then, diplomacy has evolved with different fortunes across the world as “the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of states.”

Even though informal diplomacy has a parallel-established tradition, it is with the 1965 definition of 'public diplomacy' that diplomacy widens its activities, agencies and tactics. The Ararna letters also hint to the extent to which diplomacy is a ‘communicative practice,’ and suggest a strict relation between media forms, communicative practices, and the art of diplomacy.

As such, the 1960 US Election might help to finally pinpoint one last milestone, in the shift from a verbal-centred communication to a visual-led one, as many analysts motivate JFK’s success upon his appearance on the first TV debate.

Digital media too are reinforcing today’s visual media predominance: hence, both politics and diplomacy might be best understood as the temporary product of verbal and visual components, and best approached within a thoroughly multimedia framework.



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