I’m very excited to finally publish online my Multimedia Communication Matrix (MCM).

By weaving visual storytelling, aesthetics and composition together with digital platforms, the MCM offers a thought provoking insight into the opportunities and threats inherent in today’s digital sphere.

Its final aim is to encourage stakeholders to critically address intercultural communication, visual communication and the building of interactive platforms to promote their chosen cause.


The MCM relies on 20+ years of professional experience and academic research to inspire and equip those who attend my courses with the skills and confidence needed to successfully manage their digital projects.

Similarly, my delivery of theory and hands-on competencies development is continuously revised and enhanced to best match my client’s requirements.  I am particularly proud of and recognised for my ability to navigate and positively engage the cultural sensitivities of those involved in my training events.

Previous and on-going clients include universities, media agencies, international institutions and private partners e.g. Iranian State Radio in Tehran (Iran), Iraqi NGOs in Baghdad (Iraq), IOM, UNESCO and the Diplomatic institute of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On November 20-22/2017 I delivered an intensive 3-day training on Visual communication and digital storytelling for gender mainstreaming at the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization of the UN.

Further training materials coming soon.